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2030 (3 HOLES US)

Colours Available:
black white

Carton Packing :

  • Qty:- 30 Pcs.

  • Gross Wt:- 30.800 Kgs.

  • Volume:- 0.054 cbm.

2030 (3 HOLES US)

  • 3 Hole punch with US standard fixed center distance of 108mm

  • Upto 16 sheet paper punch capacity

  • Punch has a removable base for quick scrap disposal

  • Durable metal construction

  • Metal Guide Bar for punch positioning to align papers easily

Indicates guidebar option to adjust centre of the sheet according to sheet size
The base length of this paper punch is 84mm and breadth is 227mm
The center to center distance between the holes of the punch is 108mm and diameter of the hole is 6.0mm