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HDZ-R 45

Colours Available:
black blue green red white yellow

Carton Packing :

  • Qty:- 180 Pcs.

  • Gross Wt:- 24.250 Kgs.

  • Volume:- 0.059 cbm.

HDZ-R 45

  • Ergonomic design for comfortable handling.

  • Suitable with No. 24/6 and 26/6 Staples.

  • Built in Staple remover.

One strip having 50 staples of 24/6*1 or 100 staples of 26/6*1 can be loaded at once.
Upto 30 sheets (64 gsm) Can be perforated at once
Indicate maximum insertion paper depth. The base length of depth is 62/126.
With this mechanism staples are inserted easily by lifting the stapler top
Indicates staple remover to remove staples
Indicates remaining staples in the stapler