Home Tackers TSZ-1400


Colours Available:
black blue grey red

Carton Packing :

  • Qty:- 30 Pcs.

  • Gross Wt:- Kgs.

  • Volume:- cbm.


  • Compact design with force adjustment

  • Easy drop in loading with reload indicator

  • Ergonomic ABS handle with soft grip for extra working comfort.

  • For Staple Use K4(6-14),K5(6-14),K6(6-14),K11(6-14)

    • Suitable For :

      • Plastic Sheeting
      • Fitted Carpets
      • Waxed & Oil Papers
      • Wall Panels
      • Card Board
      • Insulation Material
      • Ceiling panels
      • Carpentry


      One strip having of K11(6-10) can be loaded at once.
      One strip having of K4(6-10),K5(6-10),K6(6-10) can be loaded at once.
      The base length gun tacker is 182mm and breadth is 25mm.
      Indicates that the gun tacker is also available in clamshell pack
      Indicates tacking feature in the tacker
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